Patrick Graham, 61, retired social worker, false rape accusation survivor, will be speaking at the conference

Last month we posted a piece titled, Five men that had paedophile ring charges dropped hit out at ‘serial fantasist’ accuser. We’re delighted to report that one of the men – Patrick Graham, 61, retired social worker – has agreed to speak at the conference. We’ve just updated the speakers page with his image, and the following text:

Patrick Graham – “Sex offence fantasists, and their police enablers”

A survivor of the ongoing plague of false allegations of rape/historic sex abuse, Patrick is busy campaigning for changes to the criminal justice system, and justice for all the many falsely accused, using skills developed during a media and community development portfolio career. He is a busy moderator of the forum which has doubled in size to 1,500 members in the past 9 months.

You can order your conference ticket(s) here.

About Mike Buchanan

I'm a British anti-feminist men's human rights advocate, writer, and publisher. My key websites are LPS Publishing, Campaign for Merit in Business, Laughing at Feminists E, T 07967 026163 (UK).
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